As Luke once said “To all you Blue Meanies out there”

Hello and welcome to the first little blog, rambling or whatever these things are called these days. I have no idea what to call this but as I sit on a plane coming back from a few days away break with Miss Detroit I thought it was a good idea to give you some insight on good old fashioned Pen and paper !! (If anyone does have any idea what to call this then please let me know, The Blue Meanie Metro maybe?)

Anyway…This week the lads and I head off on tour with the Dirty Thrills, really looking forward to these dates as the DT boys are a class outfit! We head to Norwich, London and Brum and the setlist has been finalized! Not giving anything away but it hits hard that’s for sure. If you ain’t got tickets then grab them quick!

So, what’s been going on. Loads to be honest. The manager is working his Scottish socks off with the singles being released and sorting stuff out. The PR are also hard at it pushing the Blue Nation word to the masses. To give you an idea here was the items on the last meeting I had with our manager.

  • Social Media posts and content
  • PR Company update
  • Final Press release from PR Company
  • Photo shoot
  • Video shoot location
  • CD duplication
  • Confirmation of Rich Girl artwork
  • Student Radio contacts / email lists
  • To Vinyl or not?!
  • Logistics and Timings for DT tour
  • Ticket sales update
  • Rehearsals
  • Recording days
  • Mixing days
  • Mastering days
  • Fielding enquirers
  • Festival application
  • And generally looking after us three!!

The list could be endless, but this is just a fraction of what we have to cover with the manager. The manager of any band is a thankless task and we are really lucky to have him in our corner and it doesn’t go unnoticed believe me. It just wouldn’t be possible without our manager and the other people that support us. I’ve seen so many bands fall by the wayside as they just can’t keep organized and on track. Maybe in the next one of these I’ll tell you about our mate Jay! Thinking about that, if you want to know about anything in particular, comment, on the usual social media places and I will try to cover them in this for you.

Luke, Chris and I are always blown away by people coming up to us at the gigs and generally being amazing towards us. We played a small gig recently as warm up for the tour (thanks to Route44 for having us) we were rusty of course, but people really dig the new songs and the vibe of the band. I think a guy even commented on Luke’s Kaftan and my guitar tone! One guy came up to Chris and me and said that we blew him away. Chris and I replied with “you should see us when we are on form” now this may seem like an odd thing to say as this guy has just paid us an unbelievably kind compliment but it is a default reaction by us.

After every gig or show all three of us will turn to each other in the dressing room or loading the van and say one of these things:

“I thought it went well tonight”

“Yeah not bad”

“Took me a while to get going”

“You played well” or “you were crap”

It’s funny, us three on stage will judge the gig or show on how we played and also how the crowd enjoyed the songs. I’ve never asked the other lads, but I can tell when a song goes down well or if the crowd are on side or not. It’s a weird feeling, everything aligns and it everything is effortless. When it doesn’t all come to together, which has happened maybe 1 or 2 times over the last 2 years. Then it’s just hard. You start second guessing what to play and end up feeling like you haven’t done your best. For the record don’t think that if the crowd is bigger then it’s a better gig! It helps but it’s not always the case!

Well If you are read this far than I guess you enjoyed it. If not, well you win some you lose some.

Signing off for now, Stay happy


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