Here we are again! The last couple of months since the Dirty Thrills Tour have been insane! When we aren’t on tour we are holed up in the studio with Alex VR recording the new album. I know most bands say this but….it is sounding so good. We are all so excited about it and can’t wait to share them with you.

We have four tours lined up (2 you know about, 2 are being finalized) and had two festivals confirmed in Rhuddfest and Jurassic Fields plus we have more stuff coming!!!

So that leaves us with The Skid Row gigs! These will be our biggest gigs to date and When our manager broke the news to us a gentle hush fell over the room, followed by much celebration! To be honest, the last 6 months have exceeded our expectations and just made us more determined to not let you guys n girls down.

Chris, Luke and I are very aware that we wouldn’t have got this far without your support. The messages we received personally and on social media about the tours, videos, endorsements have been nothing short of mind blowing! Thank you, it really does mean the world to us.


Stay happy


2 thoughts on “Blog Nation – Recording, Touring & Skid Row

  1. Dwight Wagner

    Great news Neil!Hope all goes well. I don’t know what Skid Row is , but sounds like a big one.How do you go about releasing your music over here in Canada.Would love to see you make it big.Pulling for you.

    1. user53494

      Hi Dwight
      We release via the download sites iTunes, Amazon and streaming via Spotify. Thanks for your support

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